• Mabowezi

  • "Mabowezi" short film completed and edited

  • 3/1/2013
    Short film MABOWEZI completed with locales in Werribee doubling as African scenes.
  • "Reckoning" wins best film at comfy shorts

  • 15/1/2013
    comfy shorts awards best film to RECKONING, a short film to which Tom Vogel wrote the
    screenplay for and was directed by Ivan Malekin.


  • "tuning in" screens at the
    "tell me a story" at
    paper plane gallery in sydney

  • 1/6/2012
  • "Tuning In"screened as part of TELL ME A STORY curated by Katharine Rogers.
  • Tell Me a Story is a short film experience happening at Paper Plane Gallery focusing on the idea
    that there are seven main story types. People say all stories have already been told and the only difference is the way they are told, with that in mind Tell Me a Story explores the seven story types
    which ultimately tap into the very essence of what makes us human. Come and enjoy, the Quest,
    the Voyage and Return, the Rebirth, the Comedy, the Tragedy, the Overcoming the Monster, the
    Rags to Riches: The Stories.

  • http://www.paperplanegallery.com/current.html


  • angry productions'
    tom vogel speaks at the
    williamstown literary festival

  • 5/5/2012


  • "tuning in" screens at the
    melbourne international movie festival

  • 8/10/2011
  • "Tuning In"received a diploma of merit from the judges on the night.
    It's always a great feeling to receive an awrad for something you slaved your guts out for.


"one in a million" screens in sydney againi

  • oiam3oiam2oiam1

    ONE IN A MILLION" screens in Sydney again

    It is with great pleasure to inform you all that One In A Million has been chosen to screen in Heat 1 of the BooHoo films short film competition.

    When: Wednesday 25 May 2011
    Time: Doors open: 7:00pm
    Screenings begin after 7:30pm

    Where: FraserStudios
    10-14 Kensington Street

    Audience Entry: $5

    Audience voting will determine which films go into the final in August, so if you live in Sydney and can make it to the night please give us your vote!



  • "tuning in" screens at the
    clare valley film festival in south australia

  • 26/3/2011
  • "tuning in" screened at the Clare Valle Film Festival.

  • "tuning in" screens at the
    made in melbourne film festival

  • 1/12/2010
  • "tuning in" screened in front of an audience of 500 strong at Federation Square
    at the BMW Pavillion.



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