The Angry Penguin

So how did the idea for a short horror comedy film about an evil penguin come to fruition? Throw together a group of wanna-be film makers in an intense one week course, teach them the basics, get them to pitch their ideas to each other, vote for the best one and then let them loose in Melbourne. The idea chosen revolves around a human couple that adopt a penguin instead of the child they could never have, but something is not quite right about this penguin. Is he really evil?

Nimbin Film Festival 2008
Queen St. Film Festival (VIC) - Oct 12, 2006
Victorian Festival of Motion Image
- May 2006
Williamstown Film Festival - April 2006
Canberra Shorts - 2005
MUFF Film Festival 2005
Good Samaritan Premiere
at Glitch Bar & Cinemas - Aug 5th
Ice Breakers, The Picture House at Fitzroy Gallery, Vic - Friday June 17th
The 2nd Angry Film Festival,
First Floor - Nov 13th 2005
Metro Night ClubPrivate Screening - Feb 2005
Red Hill Festival - Saturday 22 January 2005
Velour Bar Private Screening - Dec 2004
Caught Short Sydney - 2004 (review)
Wildlife Society Fundraiser at Loop - Nov 2004
Trasharama at Loop - 2004
Federation Square Film Night at Transport Bar - 2004
The 1st Angry Film Festival at Glitch Bar
- Nov 13th 2004
1st Screening at Bar Open - 2004


Mountain Shorts (NSW) - July 2006
Equinox Film Festival (VIC) - July 2006
In the Bin - June 2006
Australian/Malaysian short film festival - Oct 2005
The Short Crap Film Festival - Oct 2005
Sydney Film Festival 2005
Canberra Short Film Festival 2005
Made in Maribyrnong - 2005
Hardimans' Short Film Festival - April 2005
Bootleg - May 2005
Eyescream - May 2005
Gorilla Festival (Melbourne) - May 2005
Down Under Film Festival 2005
Revelation Film Festival 2005 (Perth)
Over the Fence 2005

Aurora Community Television June 2005
American Short Films May 2005
YARTZ Programme Channel 31 Vic, Australia - 2005

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