The Good Samaritan


The pitfalls of doing your good deed for the day are exposed in this hilarious comedy. Tony takes a drunk home from the pub only to discover that sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be the Good Samaritan…

Mick: Sherard Parker
Tony: Tom Vogel
Bar Keeper: Lenny Coulthard
Mick’s Wife: Liz Whiteley

Director: Tom Vogel
DOP: Marcela Olea
1st AD: Liz Whiteley
Art Dirtector: Janelle Quinset
Prop Organiser: Agnes Grima
Editor: Marcela Olea
Dunnylane Productions and Angry Productions

Director of Angry Productions, Tom Vogel, met the Dunnylane Productions team when he was the lead role in the short horror film “Ivy”. He proposed a collaboration between the two production houses which “The Good Samaritan” was the end result of. Tom had the idea from a joke someone told him. He turned this idea into a five page script, shot it the next day with the help of the Dunnylane Productions crew and it was edited the same night by the exceptional Marcela Olea.
Currently the two production companies are in talks with Happening People who are interested in buying the rights to sell it to overseas pay television stations.


"Anthology Of Interest!" TVS in Sydney screens THE GOOD SAMARITAN 30th March, 2006.

Nimbin Film Festival - 26th October 2008
Melbourne International Movie Festival - Sep 2008
(Winner Best Photo Play)
Queen St Film Festival - 12 October 2006
(Winner of Best Screenplay)
Electric Shorts (VIC) -11 October 2006
Victorian Festival of Motion Image
- May 2006
Short Sited 10 Film Festival Wollongong - April 2006
In on the Film Maker - Feb 2006
Harvest Film Festival, Victoria, Jan 2006
The 3rd Angry Film Festival - Nov 2006
Caught Short, Sydney
Canberra Shorts, Australia

Premiere at the Glitch Bar, North Fitzroy,
Melbourne, Australia - 2005


Mountain Shorts (NSW) - July 2006
Equinox Film Festival (VIC) - July 2006
In the Bin - June 2006
Show me the Shorts Film Festival - May 2006
Filmfest @ Falls (Falls Creek) - May 2006
Hardiman's Film Festival - Melbourne - April 2006
Williamstown Festival - 2006
Revelations Film Festival - Perth - March 2006
Heart of Gold Film Festival/Qld - March 2006
The Comedy Short Film Festival - March 2006
Comedy Film Festival - Feb 2006
Sydney Film Festival - Feb 2006
St Kilda Film Festival - 2006
Byron Bay Film Festival - 2006 Feb
Flagfall Film Festival 2006 Feb
Australian/Malaysian short film festival - Oct 2005
The Short Crap Film Festival - Oct 2005

"1700" (Channel 31/Melbourne)- April 2006
Couch (Channel 31/Sydney)- March 2006
The Short Film Show (Ch31/Melbourne) - Feb 2006

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